About vintagecreationbags and Leather Bags

Date Posted:21 February 2019 



The Journey

Vintagecreationbags journey to Australian hand made leather bags was inspired by my maker grandparents: Cecil, a boot mender and Jenny, a dress and pattern-maker, who both lived through the Great Depression. They both worked from a home studio. Today, our products are totally hand made in Australia, sewn from start to finish by just one person in my home studio.


Sustainable Leather Bags

I make my multi purpose leather bags, satchels and tote bags from soft, supple and strong Italian upholstery leather. All our leathers comply with the strict regulations and EU Directives covering the use of dyestuffs during the tanning process. The tanneries use a water-based tanning system-not chrome- and maintain a water purification plant.

The tanneries in Italy that process the leather meet ISO 9011 Quality Standards and ISO 1401 Environmental standards. The leathers we use in our bags are sourced from Queensland and New Zealand before being sent to Italy for processing. 

We support initiatives to minimise carbon waste through the use of carbon neutral power in our studio. We also support Australian industries through the use of australian made waxed canvas for the bag linings in our leather bags. I use all leather off-cuts in my bags to produce distinctive and individual leather bags, while supporting sustainability of natural leather resources, with minimal wastage.


Versatile Leather Bags

All linings and pockets are sewn from waterproof heavy-duty waxed canvas and water resistant polyester. The leather satchels, totes, cross body and backpack bags can be worn as shoulder bag, cross body bag and backpack, with a range of interchangeable vibrant fabric panels for colour and pattern, as well as leather panels for a sophisticated look.


Convertible Leather Bags 

Vintage creation's range of convertible leather bags are hand cut and sewn in Australia in our studio from responsibility processed Italian leather. Every leather bag design can be worn as a leather shoulder bag, sling bag, backpack, tote or hand bag.


Unique Leather Bags

With a range of leather and contrasting fabric panels, one bag becomes many bags, each with its own unique appearance. We use vintage fabrics, including vintage Kimono fabrics, to create leather bags with a unique and personal finish. We also use hand screen printed fabric from Ink and Spindle, providing a range of panel choices that ensure you get a bag that looks like no other.