Leather Bags by vintagecreationbags

The Australian made convertible leather shoulder bag and backpack in one leather bag.

Wear the convertible leather bag with fabric panels or leather panels, on your shoulder. Swap the shoulder strap for leather backpack straps and backpack it. 

Need a design or colour change on your bag? Zip a new leather panel or fabric panel from the store onto your existing leather bag from vintagecreationbags.

Change colours. Change design. Repeat. Same bag. Different look. Money in your pocket.

Handmade in Australia

Vintagecreation leather bags are hand made in Australia in my studio by one person-me. They represent my love of design: taking an idea, creating the patterns for this idea and producing a strong, functional, hand made multi-wear leather bag of excellent quality and smart design.


One bag, many panels 

I am intrigued by the possibilty of enjoying one bag you can use all the time, with the ability to change the look of that bag, without having to change the  bag itself. It's minimal; it's efficient; and it can save you considerable effort and the expense of buying many different bags. When you find a bag you love, you never let it go.










Keep the Bag. Swap the panel.

And here's something else. Keeping the same bag but changing the panel means you don't have to swap all your personal items to a different bag.

Transferring all your things from one bag to another is a big deal for a lot of people. Well, not any more. 

Vintagecreationbags offers a leather bag where you keep the bag and change the panel when you want something different. Your leather bag looks vibrant, fresh and original with a colour or design make-over that's quick and complete.


Easy care Italian Leather

I use Italian leather-easy care and low maintenance for the bag and straps.

Wipe them over with a damp cloth. The leather won't crack, dry out or get old and wrinkled.

The straps are also made from the same leather, with cotton webbing sewn on the back for both strength and comfort.




New panel- new look

The convertible leather tote bag, satchel bag and festival bag from vintagecreationbags give you the option to keep the same bag but change the look as often as you want for the cost of a new panel.

Panel Sizes 1-5

On a practical level, the bag size matches the panel size. So, a Number 4 leather bag matches number 4 panels. Its that easy.

The panel zips onto a 'sewn into the bag' zip. Even though the designs change from slim-line festival bags to satchel bags to tote leather bags, the "sewn into the bag' zip will always match the panel sizes. Whenever you buy another panel of the same size, it will match your existing leather bag.








Vintagecreationbags now offers Afterpay for ethical budgetted payments over 4 equal fortnightly instalments, interest free. It's like a layby except you get the convertible leather bag, shoulder strap, backpack straps plus your choice of panels, up front.

Check out Afterpay in our store now to find out more about it.








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